The Club's Coaching Coordinator is Phil Ferrari at email


Becoming a coach is started by registering online at this link. You should also notify our Coaching Coordinator by email here to help with the coordination. Only coaches who have registered and been approved are allowed on the field during practices and games. We do not allow informal helpers or unapproved individuals on the field during practices or games.

Approval of coaches, after clearing the Risk Management process, is at the discretion of the Club Board. There are limits on how many coaches are assigned to each team.


League issued photo identification is to be worn at all games and practices by coaches. If you do no have one of these ID badges, that person should not be acting as a coach.

Returning coaches who were already photographed by Lifetouch last season do not need to do anything more. New coaches will be notified about how to be photographed and issued a badge. To determine if a new photo is needed, any coach without a blue background will need to be photographed this year. Once photographed by Lifetouch, their photo is good for many seasons to come.

Field Badges will be given to your registrar, once the coach is approved, prior to the start of practices. All coaches must have their field badges on at every practice and game to verify they have been cleared and approved field access.


Fingerprinting clearance is required before coaching. The Club covers all of these costs. Visit Capital LiveScan at, register and print out the LiveScan fingerprinting form. Take the form to Capitol LiveScan at 5706 Broadway, Sacramento 95820. More information and locations on this service are available on their website. When completing any forms please note that Sierra Oaks is District 6, League 0606, and Club SC-17. Bring a copy of the form and ID with you!


All Sierra Oaks coaches are required to complete the following training:

  • Introduction to the Grassroots Coaching at U.S. Soccer Learning Center and either 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, or 11v11 training in US Soccer training portal
  • USYS Requirements
  • Intro to Safety
  • Live Scan
  • Background Check
  • Safe Sport

Practice Field Selection

Each year at the Club Coaches Meeting, usually the first week of August, your Sierra Oaks Club Board will collect requests and assign practice days, times and locations according to standard practices discussed at the meeting.

Coaching Clinics & Licenses

River City Youth Soccer League (RCYSL) requires all coaches and assistant coaches to complete the Introduction to Grassroots Coaching on the U.S. Soccer website.This course is free. Additionally, RCYSL mandates coaches to complete an age appropriate field course offered in the summer prior to the start of the fall recreational season.

Any additional training courses are covered by the Club.