Frequently Asked Questions

What are the photo requirements for my child's player pass?

RCYSL requires that every player uploads a current photo with thier registration. This can be scanned or taken from a mobile phone. This photo is used by the referres to identify your child at his/her games. The photo needs to be a full frontal face view of your child, with no hats or sunglasses.1

Can I request on which team my child plays?

Yes, you will be able to request which team you would like your child to be assigned to when you register. Please note that a coach can not guarantee that a player plays on his/her team. Once a child has been place on a team, they can not be switched, except with the approval of the League Registrar. Although we do try and fulfill each request, we can not always do so.

When will I know for which team my child will be playing?

Your volunteer coach will be contacting you via phone or email no later than August 1st.

When do practices start?

Practices can begin no earlier that August 1st, although most teams do not begin practices until mid to late August. Your volunteer coach will be providing you with the practice schedule for their team. Practices are normally held at the following locations: Sierra Oaks School, Oak Meadow Park, and Larkspur Park.

When does the season start?

U8 - U19 teams seeding tournament is the last week of August.
U8 - U19 games are every Saturday, beginning the first week of September through mid November.
U6 teams do not play in a seeding tournament.
U6 games are every Friday evenings at 5:00pm, beginning early September through late October.

Where do I buy a new uniform?

Order through the club.

What equipment will my child need to play soccer?

Every player needs to have soccer cleats, socks, and shin guards under socks at every practice and game. We also recommend each player have his or her own ball. For U6 and U8 players a size 3 soccer ball is needed. For U10 and U12 a size 4 is needed and for U14 and up a size 5 is required.

What is the Club's Refund Policy?

Sierra Oaks Soccer Club Refund Policy

Players may drop before August 1 for a full refund. Players who have been assigned to a team and drop between August 1 and the Friday before the seeding tournament will receive a refund of registration fees, less the River City Youth Soccer League fee. The RCYSL fee is about $23.00 but can change a little from year to year.

Players who drop between the seeding tournament and October 1 will receive a prorated refund depending on the number of season games played in, less the RCYSL fee and less the Club’s per player team picture cost. No refunds will be made after October 1.

Players who were never assigned to a team, due to the Club's inability to place the player, will receive a full refund if a drop request is made by October 1.

All drop and refund requests must be made in writing to the Club at the address below or to the Club Registrar by e-mail here. For League and CYSA tracking purposes, the Club cannot take drop requests by phone or in-person.


If the season is canceled due to COVID-19, the following refund policy will apply:

  • 100% refund if the season is canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions with no practices or games played (practices begin week of August 9);
  • 50% refund if the practices and/or games are canceled before September 10, 2021;
  • No refund if practices and/or games are played after September 10, 2021.

What is the concussion protocol?

Coaches are required to have concussion forms with them at all times (practices and games). This is mandated by River City Youth Soccer League. Coaches can download the form here. The form lays out the steps that are necessary to take in the event a child is suspected of concussion. If you have any questions, please contact the Sierra Oaks Club Manager or Assistant Club Manager. 

Any questions regarding the refund policy should be directed to the Club Manager or by mail to:

Sierra Oaks Soccer Club
P.O. Box 660396
Sacramento, CA 95866