All players register online

Team requests can be considered during the priority registration period. When more requests for a particular team are received than there are available spots, the order in which completed registrations are received ("Order of Priority") will determine priority.

As always, a complete application is needed to register your child. Incomplete or Inaccurate applications will not be accepted.

Sierra Oaks Soccer assigns players based on the following Order Of Priority

  1. Returning players to a team who register between April 1-May 31.
  2. Other players who register during the Priority Registration period, based on the date and time of registration.
  3. Players who register after the Priority Registration Period.

Online Registration Requirements Include:

  • Current digital photo of your child for soccer identification. Please only upload photos that are clear head/shoulder images of your individual child, no hats or sunglasses allowed
  • Physician's name and phone number.
  • A signed Parent Ethics Form.
  • 1601 Form Online Registration Form
  • 2019 registration fees are $125 for first player ($115 for siblings) until May 31 and increases to $145 thereafter (U6 exempt from late fees)
  • NEW PLAYERS - you will also need a scanned copy or clear digital photo of their government-issued birth certificate, green card, military id or passport. Baptismal and hospital certificates are not acceptable.
  • U6 players must be age of 4 by July 31st.

Kids Teams

Q: How can I ensure that my child stays on the same team they played on last season?
A: By registering within the Club's Priority Registration Period from April 1-May 31.

Q: Is it possible that my child will not get to play on the same team they played on last season?
A: Yes, in accordance with the Club's Order Of Priority if your child is not registered during the Club's Priority Registration Period your child is not guaranteed a spot on their prior team.

Note: In some instances teams are discontinued due to a variety of factors.

What is the Club's Refund Policy?

Players may drop before July 1st for a full refund. Players who have been assigned to a team and drop between July 1 and the Friday before the seeding tournament will receive a refund of registration fees, less the River City Youth Soccer League fee. The RCYSL fee is about $23.00 but can change a little from year to year.

Players who drop between the seeding tournament and October 1st will receive a prorated refund depending on the # of season games played in, less the RCYSL fee and less the Club’s $7/per player team picture cost. No refunds will be made after October 1st.

Players who were never assigned to a team, due to the Clubs inability to place the player, will receive a full refund if a drop request is made by October 1st.

All drop and refund requests must be made in writing to the Club at the address below or to the Club Registrar by e-mail here. For League and CYSA tracking purposes, the Club cannot take drop requests by phone or in-person.